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Meet Google’s BERT

 Google’s A.I. bot just got a huge upgrade with their newest algorithm called “BERT”. Who is BERT? It’s more of a question of WHAT is BERT? It actually stan...

9 SEO stats you should be aware of - Reverse Focus
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9 SEO Stats You Should Know

9 SEO Stats You Should Know In the modern era, mortgage companies need to have an effective search engine optimization strategy in order to make sure that they rank high on se...

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Why you need a blog on your website

Does your business website need its own blog? Most likely – Yes.   In the modern era, effective digital marketing is key for any company that wants to remain on the...

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How to Use Analytics To See ROI

You’ve got a website set up, an email list you’re emailing every week, advertisements on search engines and social media, you’re doing everything right. You’ve read every digi...

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20 SEO tricks you can DIY

SEO can feel like an intimidating topic. There are truckloads of SEO information available. Because of that, it can be hard to know which tips actually work and which tips are...

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How we Dominate with SEO.

HINT: Get Quality Leads from the World’s Largest Lead Portal… It’s not too late to get in the game and start accessing quality leads on Google’s 1st-page search results...