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Meet Google’s BERT

Google’s A.I. bot just got a huge upgrade with their newest algorithm called “BERT”. Who is BERT? It’s more of a question of WHAT is BERT?

It actually stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers…, a brand new algorithm that improves the topical relevance of a website page content over beyond just keywords. Google can now return more accurate, refined results allowing a user to search for something in a conversational, natural language format. Here’s just one example: “can you get a HECM loan before the age of 62”.

Authentic SEO optimization goes far far beyond the use of spammy tactics such as repeating certain keywords or phrases. That’s why working with a true expert is so crucial who keeps track of how Google manages SEO.

It’s important that your Online Dominance SEO team here at Reverse Focus is VERY familiar with BERT. We’ve been busy little bees optimizing each and every page of your website to be best suited for Google’s new BERT algorithm so you have the best possible positioning in relevant search results.

Your Online Dominance team is always happy to answer any questions you have about SEO. You can contact us at We can answer most questions except ‘when did BERT and ERNIE first meet?’.

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