Sales Engine CRM Testimonial

“I just want to pass along how pleased I am with your Customer Success Manager Daniel, in terms of both his personality and also for his service levels. The extra layers in Sales Engine CRM as a result of our increased campaigns and their commensurate workflows has made our time even more valuable. Your Customer Success Manager Daniel responds in an expeditious fashion and is most helpful while always displaying tremendous courtesy. You have a keeper there at ReverseFocus, for sure.”

Joseph Ferraro

“Reverse Focus has been a great company to work with! I have been using SalesEngine since 2012 and it has helped me and my team better manage my pipeline to create more productivity and increased fundings! I have also recently started to use their Online Dominance Program; it was only launched a few months ago and I am already in the top 10 on page 1 of Google for 213 priority phrases! On top of all that, the team is informed, responsive and very supportive to work with. From their sales team to their customer department, it is always a pleasure to interact with them. I look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with the RF Team!”

Mary Jo Lafaye

“Reversefocus.com’s Sales Engine CRM has become an integral part of our lead management and sales automation. In 2017 we grew our book of business by 80% and I could not have scaled it without the help of Sales Engine and their elite team of developers.”

Cliff Auerswald

“Once the HUD changes were announced August 29th, we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us. By using Reverse Focus’s CRM we were able to hone in on our most important leads and close 6 months worth of production within 30 days. We didn’t have any magic, but we had Reverse Focus.”

Scott Harmes

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I like working with you guys at Reverse Focus, and to let you know I love Sales Engine CRM. It really makes my job easier by keeping my leads and contacts in a manageable state. The integration you provide takes so much less time to setup a loan than before, and I’m thrilled! I’m so happy I decided to use Sales Engine rather than some of the other CRM’s I’d looked at. I highly recommend Sales Engine to any MLO who is looking to keep their production organized and on track.”

Brad Golding

“You can’t imagine how thankful we are for Reverse Focus, you guys are great! We love using your CRM.”

Jose F. Lopez

“Reverse Focus has transformed the way I do business. More importantly, it has increased my loan production. It’s good to know I have someone in my corner with the tools, training, and technology I need to succeed!”

Chris L

“There’s no question about it—you’re going to do more business. There is so much that falls through the cracks when you’re only dealing with paper and memory.”

Stephen Eastman

“I want to thank all who participated to provide the one-hour education webinar a few weeks ago on Financial Advisors as referral partners. It took me months to get in the door of a large financial group for a 20-minute presentation. I am so glad I invested the time to take advantage of your training as I was able to greatly improve my presentation!”

Jim Losito

“I’ve been using Sales Engine for roughly 8 years now. My pipeline management is fully optimized and I have clarity and control of the entire life-cycle of my prospects and customers. Follow up and daily call backs are always right in front of me so nothing slips through the cracks. I get a lot of leads every month and because of Sales Engine’s workflow and automations, I never worry about them being left behind! Most prospective clients need months to make a decision and Sales Engine ensures that I am the Loan Officer staying front and center to them with follow up and helpful content. The automated emails that are sent out per status progression saves me time and continues to educate the client. As soon as my client is ready to proceed with a quote or application, Sales Engine’s integration with my loan origination software makes the transition seamless, it is just a click of a button and I am giving a quote without having to re-enter all the data twice! Amazing! Managing referral relationships is key to my business and Sales Engine allows me to do this wonderfully and even turn my clients into referral partners! Since using their Online Dominance SEO Program I’ve 3x my Google visibility and I’m ranking on the 1st page for 12 of my keyword search phrases. I recommend all Reverse Focus tools to anyone who is ready to get organized and take control over their business. I love the customer service and the training that Reverse Focus staff provide as well. A great company to work with!”

Kathy Halliday

“Thank you for your Quick response, I really appreciate how quickly you answered my questions! I am spoiled, no one else has customer service like you!”

Patty Monroe

“You folks are the best in the business! Great help to our industry….done more for “us” than anyone else…..Thank you & keep up the good work. Your team are the greatest!!!”

Thomas Gribble

“Reverse Focus has created a wonderful and easy to read website for me that has generated a lot of reverse mortgage business for me over the past several years and I’m sure it will continue to help grow my reverse mortgage business for many years to come.

Shannon Hicks and Michael Floth and their staff are always available to help me when I need anything.

I would highly recommend doing business with Reverse Focus if you are interested in growing your reverse mortgage business.”

Owen Coyle