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4 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Digital marketing becomes more and more important every single year. However, despite the fact that digital marketing continues to rise in importance, many mortgage companies continue to make the same mistakes year after year.

Unfortunately, making even just a few digital marketing mistakes consistently can lead to leads being left behind and sales not being optimized. Here are some of the top digital marketing mistakes that your company needs to avoid if you want to maximize your sales.

Failing to Optimize Content for Search Engines

Having enough search engine optimized content is absolutely crucial for boosting the search engine rankings for your website. However, many companies fail to optimize their website content for search engines.

Considering the fact that 71 percent of people do not scroll past the first page of Google search results, you need your company to appear as high as possible on the Google search rankings for keywords related to your business.

There are a number of things that your company can do to optimize your website’s content to help it move up the search rankings. If you are not doing the following things, then you really should be.

  • Placing your main keyword in the meta tag, title tag, URL, and organically in the content on the site
  • Adding authoritative backlinks to your content
  • Including interactive images, videos, and interactive content to increase dwell time

Not Posting Content Regularly Enough

Posting fresh content, particularly in the form of blogs is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your company’s website. However, many companies think that if they just add fresh content every once in a while, then they are doing enough. But this is not true.

In fact, companies that post fresh blog posts 16 times a month or more generate 3.5 times as much traffic than those who post four or fewer blog posts per month. So, it is vitally important that your website has a blog, or at the very least, that you are putting out fresh content on a regular basis.

If you do not prefer blogs, then you can put out white papers, articles, press releases, eBook, etc. Just make sure that you are adding fresh content to your website regularly. If you fail to do this, then you will never get the most out of your digital marketing efforts.

Not Including Calls to Action

Even if you have great web copy, marketing emails, social media posts, etc., if you do not have calls to action, then you are making a big mistake. Including calls to action significantly increases the chances of your customers taking the desired action.

For example, including just a single call to action in marketing emails increases clicks by an average of 371% and sales by an average of 1,617%. This is incredibly significant, and these statistics prove how important calls to action are.

In terms of calls to action, it is also important to note that people tend to prefer to learn about the offer before clicking on a CTA. So, you should provide your customers and viewers with informative content that explains the content before you actually put in the call to action.

In other words, do not start with a call to action. Put it at the bottom of the content. That way the readers will get the motivation to make the action from your content.

Not Using Retargeting Pixels

Retargeting pixels are snippets of code provided by Facebook that help to track key data about people who land on your website. You can insert these pixels into your site’s code to capture this data. Once you have this data, you can use it to retarget the people who have already visited your website as well as a “lookalike audience.”

Lookalike audiences are audiences that are similar to the people who normally visit your site. This means that they are similar ages, have similar interests, have similar spending habits, etc. Being able to retarget your previous customers and customers who are similar to your previous customers is extremely important.

This is because previous customers and people who are similar to them are more likely to value your new offerings than random people. Therefore, your advertising ROI can be significantly higher if you target these audiences. In fact, retargeting ads are 76 percent more likely to get clicked on than non-retargeting ads.

This is an extremely significant statistic and just goes to show how effective retargeting campaigns can be. If your company is not using retargeting pixels to conduct retargeting digital marketing campaigns, then it should be.


Digital marketing is something that your company needs to prioritize. The reason is that customers perform more research online than ever before about the companies they will buy from. Also, more sales are being conducted online and on mobile phones every single year.

In fact, e-commerce sales are expected to grow to $4.5 trillion per year by 2021, which is roughly double where they were in 2017. If you want to optimize the digital marketing efforts for your company in order to generate the most leads and get the most sales, then you need to avoid making the mistakes listed in this article.

If your company is failing to optimize content for search engines, not posting content regularly enough, not including calls to action, and not using retargeting pixels, then you need to make some serious changes to your digital marketing strategy. Otherwise, your company could lose serious ground to your competitors.

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